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Soft paint stripping, degreasing, cleaning and leaching

We remove old paint, faulty coatings or contamination in an environmentally friendly and material-friendly way. Regardless of whether it is industrial parts or individual parts made of steel, cast iron, metal, aluminum or rims, we rely on gentle processes.

During the chemical paint stripping process, paint and powder coatings are removed from metal parts made of iron, steel and aluminum using a special chemical substance at temperatures of 65° to 75°C. Thorough cleaning is then carried out using high-pressure water. This process dissolves even hardened paints and powder coatings while leaving the original material undamaged.

It is particularly important to emphasize that chemical paint stripping is fundamentally different from processes such as "sandblasting", in which the surface is severely roughened. Chemical paint stripping is an indispensable preparatory step before powder coating aluminum rims. Instead of mechanically stripping the rims, we recommend soft paint stripping for aluminum rims.

Chemical paint stripping is a necessary step to prepare the surface for high-gloss densification.

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