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Footwell lighting - Nissan 350Z / 370Z

Footwell lighting - Nissan 350Z / 370Z


Footwell lighting for the Nissan 350Z and 370Z


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Quick and easy installation.

For all versions with RHD (right-hand drive) and LHD (left-hand drive) (280, 301 and 313) but also suitable for the Nissan 370Z.


The entire construction was designed so that the hazard warning lights can later be linked to the footwell lighting. This means that the original plug must be removed and then plugged into the mating plug provided. The remaining connector on the new wiring harness is then plugged into the hazard warning light unit.


In the various models 350Z DE/HR and 370Z, the hazard warning light unit is located in different positions:


EN - Center console, near the handbrake

HR - In the shift gate cover

370Z - Center console, middle


Footwell lighting available in orange or white.



Package contents:

  • 1x wiring harness with pre-assembled LEDs and brackets.
  • 1x screw for fastening on the driver's side.


Custom-made wiring harness from an automotive supplier. The LED holders are printed from PETG.



Tip Nissan 370Z:


The cigarette lighter is located on the passenger side and can cast some shadows into the footwell if positioned incorrectly. Therefore, after mounting and switching on, you should optimize the position again so that ityou pleases.

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