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Handbrake lever service - Nissan 370Z

Handbrake lever service - Nissan 370Z


After we have received your order, all handbrake levers will be ordered directly from our upholstery shop. A big advantage for you is that we have all used components in original quality in stock. This means you don't have to be without your vehicle during the processing time.


Processing time: usually 7-10 business days


Immediately in stock: Complete leather (smooth top/perforated on the sides) - Black stitching


The handbrake lever is the perfect complement to our gear knob. This should always be adapted to the interior design.


The replacement does not cause any major inconveniences as the 350z and 370z handbrake levers are the same.


There are also one-off deposit fees for exchanging 60€ at. These will be refunded to you after you receive the old handbrake lever.


Requirement: functional and condition (aluminum push button) OK.


    • Bull leather thick leather 3mm
    • Brands Alcantara 
    • Selection of seam color 
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