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HEL Stahlflex clutch line (1-piece) for Nissan 350Z

HEL Stahlflex clutch line (1-piece) for Nissan 350Z


You want to increase the performance of your Nissan 350Z and have installed sport cats. However, when outside temperatures are high in summer, there may be a problem with the clutch pedal sticking after clutching. This problem can even lead to damage to the clutch if not detected in time. The reason for this is the inadequately insulated Nissan OEM clutch line, which can expand like the brake line. In addition, as the temperature increases, the clutch fluid begins to boil and air bubbles form in the hydraulic system, causing the clutch pedal to stick.


Our clutch cable on offer is additionally covered with a high-quality heat protection hose that can withstand temperatures of up to 1000°C. This special jacket provides excellent protection against extreme heat and radiant heat. By combining the double-insulated steel flex clutch line with the robust heat protection hose, the clutch is protected even more effectively from the effects of high outside temperatures or when sports cats are installed. This means that the clutch function and performance of the Nissan 350Z always remain reliable and stable, even under demanding conditions.




  • Info:

    • Replaces the standard rubber lines
    • Verified production according to KBA specifications
    • PTFE (Teflon) inner cable with stainless steel braiding
    • PVC protective layer with free choice of colors
    • Always stainless steel connections
    • Twist-free installation thanks to subsequently rotatable connections
    • Accessories and sealing rings (if required) included in the kit
    • Custom-made products on request or via our configurator
    • resistant to weather influences (water, snow & salts, etc.)
    • If holders are provided at the factory, our cables are also supplied with holders

    Technical data

    • Inner material: PTFE
    • Outer material: Stainless steel (303/304) with PVC protective layer (colored)
    • Connector material: stainless steel (303/304)
    • Temperature range: -70°C to 260°C
    • Inner diameter: 3.5mm
    • Outer diameter: 7.5mm
    • Maximum working pressure: 290 bar (4206 PSI)
    • Burst pressure: 870 bar (12618 PSI)


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