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Wheel Nut Lug Nuts - Nissan Nismo 370z GTR

Wheel Nut Lug Nuts - Nissan Nismo 370z GTR


Some Nissan drivers, be it the 350Z, 370Z or even the GTR, like to treat themselves to Nismo rims. It should be noted that the OEM cone wheel nuts cannot always be used, as Nismo rims usually require a flat collar fastening.

For example, these special wheel nuts must be used on the popular Nismo 370Z pre-facelift rims. Otherwise the rims cannot be mounted.


Since these wheel bolts are only available in a chrome-plated version, we looked for an alternative and can now offer black high-gloss coated wheel bolts.


The wheel bolts were blasted and then powder coated to create a...excellent adhesion to ensure the coating on the surface. Of course, it is still important to take extreme care when dressing. A chrome-plated surface is significantly harder than a powder coating.


Based on our experience, we can fully recommend this. We have already satisfied three customers with this, and the combination of rims and wheel bolts is now perfect.


  • Item features:

    Item features:
    Outer diameter: 30mm
    Thickness/Thickness: 37.5mm
    Installation position: rear axle 
    Installation position: front axle 
    Weight: 0.08kg
    Quality/class: 8 
    Female thread: M12 x 1.5mm
    Material: steel 
    Surface: chrome-plated / powder-coated RAL 9005
    Wheel attachment: flat collar 
    Key size: 21 
    Screw head/nut profile: external hexagon

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