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Gear knob champagne- Nissan 350z 370z

Gear knob champagne- Nissan 350z 370z


Always an issue when buying or comparing a Nissan, the interior does not look high quality or consists of many visible plastic elements. Mostly affected parts gear knob, handbrake lever and steering wheel. The coating is peeled off on the control elements of the door panels, some of the seating carriages are heavily worn or already have the first cracks.

But that can be changed easily and individually.

Our project started with the Nissan 350z gear knob, which is getting on in years. The usual signs of wear can be seen on the leather surface and on the dial.

In addition, we have adapted and improved the gearshift collar and handbrake lever to the new design. And so the upgrading of the interior continued, the planning and implementation is carried out with the company Königherz. The short and effective way lead to a smooth commute to work.

Before placing your order, please note that the displayed price refers to the exchange against your old gear knob (OEM requirement).

We therefore take a deposit of 50 € , the refund will take place as soon as we receive your old gear knob.

We focus on the following vehicles: 350z, 370z and GTR.

In our gallery you can see many different variants and design options.

We process exclusively with bull leather and the branded Alcantara ( suede synthetic leather ).

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