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Shift boot - Nissan 370Z

Shift boot - Nissan 370Z


Your old shift boot from the Nissan 370z is made of synthetic leather, and it is a little longer on the right side, which means that the seam doesn't run cleanly in the middle. However, most Z drivers don't really notice this because Nissan chose dark stitching.


A shift boot with a colored or matching seam that matches the rest of the interior design significantly enhances the overall look.


We mirrored the original shift boot, especially the right side, so that the seam runs cleanly in the middle. The shift boot comes ready to install and has the original mounting holes so you can install it without any problems.


In addition, with every new shift boot you will receive a matching felt adhesive that is already attached to the original shift boot. As a rule, this cannot be reused, so a new one is required.


We manufacture the shift boot according to your request - Made in Germany


Processing time 5-7 business days





    • Bull leather Flora leather 3mm
    • Brands Alcantara
    • Desired seam
    • 100% fitting
    • Plug & Play
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