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Door handles black matt / gloss - Nissan 350z

Door handles black matt / gloss - Nissan 350z


Black door handles simply look better on the Z!


Matt or glossy?


If you're also in love with details, then you're probably still missing the black door handles.

The door handles are plug & Play, therefore can be implemented with little effort.


The quality of the door handles is almost OEM (original), the whole mechanism works great, smallerBenefit At this point the sheets are made of galvanized steel. These rust on most 350z drivers (see last picture). The rust eventually transfers to the body, which leads to rust bubbles forming at the corner.


The door lock sheets (right + left) are also available separately from us.




Here's another short video:


De + assembly video




Scope of delivery:


2 x door handle black matt RAL 9005 (right + left)




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