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Powder coating has established itself in recent years thanks to the special and high-quality properties of the surface treatment. The customers get a short but effective insight into the powder process. In addition, all rims and other workpieces are treated in a two-layer process, which improves the surface properties.

2 layer process - epoxy + polyester resin
First we apply the epoxy resin (primer). In this way, we guarantee very good corrosion protection and good chemical resistance. Compared to a polyester resin, the epoxy resin produces better adhesion thanks to its chemical composition.
Due to its low UV resistance, we apply the polyester resin as the second layer, this is light and weather resistant and has a high impact resistance.
The combination of these two coating processes strengthens the properties of the powder coating.


  • Corrosion protection

  • Scratch and shock resistant

  • There are powder coatings with special properties, such as temperature-resistant, brake dust-repellent or special medical coatings.

  • Environmentally friendly coating


- Reworking small damage, greater effort

Powder coatings

We obtain our powder coatings exclusively from German suppliers who have technical data sheets for the product themselves and provide important processing information.

Pretreatment before powder coating

Paint stripping

With chemical paint stripping, the existing surface coating (powder or paint) is removed.

To clean

We clean the workpieces with a liquid neutral cleaner, which leaves a good protection against corrosion. With a pressure of 48 bar and a temperature of approx. 40 ° C, we clean gently but effectively. We also clean sensitive parts such as cylinder heads, gear housings or other mechanical parts without any problems.


Every workpiece is blasted with ultra-fine corundum, which gives us a slight surface roughness. This is important for further processing in order to ensure a cleaner and better adhesion result for the powder coating. In addition, the workpieces are coated just in time.

Tempering (heating)

All of our parts are tempered (heated) before powder coating, which allows gases to escape and the individual pores to evaporate. Oily workpieces such as chassis, bicycle frames or vintage car parts can be seen to leak oils.

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