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Car Cover Indoor - Nissan 350Z

Car Cover Indoor - Nissan 350Z


Car pajamas Fairladyz - car covers


the Car Cover - soft flannelized, breathable car protective blanket.

These high quality and from Inside wonderful gently flanneled softly And also the contours of the entire vehicle cover, protects Your automobile in front Garage dust and unpleasant scratches. Self light, accidental Impulses No longer cause as much damage to your car.


Specially tailored, on almost every type of vehicle, your vehicle gets an almost perfect second skin that adapts to the contours of your vehicle and elegantly emphasizes them.

Through commitment high quality materialsn, with flannelized inside and high elasticitythe protective cover, your automobile and its paint receive the highest level of optimal protection.


The dimensional stability and the enormous resilience of this material will ensure you enjoy this product for a long time!


  •  High-quality polyester fabric with 160 g/m² and highly elastic properties
  •  Strong stretchability and high resilience
  •  Breathable to prevent condensation
  •  Stable elastic bands on the front and rear of the vehicle 
  •  Flannelized inside – wonderfully soft and supple
  •  Washable at 30º C
  •  Incl. carry bag
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