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Who we are andd what we do?

We are an ambitious and dynamic company from the Ludwigsburg/Stuttgart district, more precisely from Steinheim an der Murr. Stand with usQuality andreliability in focus. It's us It is important that we understand the exact wishes of our customers, which is why we take the time necessary to do so. Our strengths lie in the areas of powder coating, pressure injector blasting, wet blasting and smart repair, especially for aluminum rims.

As a hand coating company, we process each part individually and individually compared to an industrial coater.

Our surface technology focuses on metallic objects and aims to optimize the surface quality according to individual requirement profiles. No matter whether it's small series, large series or individual parts - we have the right new design for you.

With our work we not only make surfaces shine, but also you!



But how did this actually come about?


The sole proprietorship Super-Finish Surface Technology was founded in 2016 by Thomas Gerard Gracey. The focus was on professional pretreatment, powder coating and surface finishing of metal parts.

In 2018 we worked with Mr. Gracey for the first time, at that time still in the small business “Claudio Vetrone to design”. Here some vehicle parts in the Nissan 350Z and 370Z were prepared and coated.

After many years of collaboration with Mr. Gracey, some synergies have developed and have been further expanded. This solid foundation led to a successful collaboration, which led to the founding of the sole proprietorship CV2 Design in 2020.

What's wrong?t behind CV2 design?

CVstands for the name "Claudio Vetrone", the owner ofCV2 design. The2 stands for the person who made all this possible for him and who will always remain an integral part of this company.


Thank you - Thomas Gerard Gracey

Claudio Vetrone was able to gain important experience through his professional career and met many great people who motivated and influenced him.2013 he received the education Oscar as a carpenter,2016 He completed retraining as an industrial mechanic. In the year2018 In addition to his further training as a technician in mechanical engineering, he founded his small business "Claudio Vetrone to design". In the year2020 He took the step into self-employment with CV2 Design Surface Technology.


Where we are?

Our company is conveniently located on theA81, exit Pleidesheim, and is therefore easily accessible, regardless of whether you come from Stuttgart or the Heilbronn area.

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