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DEPO Headlight Black - Nissan 350Z

DEPO Headlight Black - Nissan 350Z


DEPO Facelift Headlights Black Nissan 350Z


We finally found the right contact person who took the trouble to prepare a report together with DEKRA. Now that we have this contact, we can help you purchase the headlights by passing it on. This means you can have the headlights registered without any problems.


The costs for registration currently amount to:€362, including provision of the report by DEKRA.


These ONLY fit vehicles equipped with factory xenon HID headlights. Does not fit 03-05 models with halogen lights. You will need to transfer the bulbs and ballasts from your factory xenon lights. For models 03-05, be sure to GROUND your ballast. The original ballasts must be mounted safely and correctly. If you are installing the headlights on a 03-05 model, you will also need new turn signal bulbs (PY27/7W 27 7 Watt 12V bulb) and you will need to source D2S bulbs as the 03-05 model uses HID D2R bulbs.

Installation video:





Item number:56464
Set:Links & Right
Certificate:No report or ABE
Product line:Facelift
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