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Replacement door lock panels - Nissan 370z

Replacement door lock panels - Nissan 370z

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An indispensable oneUpdate for all drivers of the Nissan 370Z. Unfortunately, this problem is more prevalent on the Nissan 370Z - Z34 compared to the Nissan 350Z. Although Nissan has often had to deal with this issue with the 350Z due to customer complaints, no real improvement was achieved from this project. On the contrary, another large component has been introduced that is extremely susceptible to rust.


A total of five panels on the back of the door handle are affected. The largest of these sheets, which is particularly susceptible to rust, is used to attach the keyless push button. The other sheets support the counter pressure of the door handle. These smaller panels lie directly on the inside of the body and are closely connected to it. Although Abwerk has taken measures to avoid contact corrosion with felt, this does not change the choice of material and the protection is only superficial and not complete. This was implemented better in the 350Z back then.


The reason for this is the base metal, which forms contact corrosion with the screw/sleeve and then rusts away. This rust may transfer and rub against the paint and then form a Paint corrosion.


Just thoseAll-weather riderUnfortunately, there is no way around this problem, so we strongly advise you to check the door panels and then change them.


If the rust hasn't spread yet, you can of course process and preserve the whole thing. How long the whole thing stays rust-free is probably only a question of time.



Link to forum report:




Scope of delivery:

  • 2 x CNC milled aluminum component RH / LH
  • 3 x stainless steel sheet insert 
  • 7 x M4 pan head screws stainless steel


Replacement if the original screws/sleeves are damaged!

  • 7 x brass threaded sleeves
  • 7 x M5 pan head screws stainless steel



Alternatively, we can also provide you with glue for the sleeves

(see selection).


  • Superglue 1g


Installation video


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