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Taillights Facelift LED - Nissan 350Z

Taillights Facelift LED - Nissan 350Z


Time for an upgrade on your Nissan 350z Pre Facelift!

The original LED taillights can be easily installed with a small adjustment of the plugs. 


The new plugs (black - LED light) have a center bar in the guide, this is not needed during assembly and can be removed using a carpet knife or, better yet, a chisel.


The plug (white - body wiring harness) has two small bars that form a groove where the new plug is guided. These must be pressed together slightly using pliers. Above there is a small guide (see picture) which can be easily removed with a carpet knife.


If you have any questions, we are happy to help you and offer the right support. Our Z also received this upgrade ;)


Free of registration with E number. No entry necessary when converting.



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