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Steering wheel service - Nissan 370Z

Steering wheel service - Nissan 370Z


Welcome to our exclusive local steering wheel service for your Nissan 350Z and 370Z!


Our exclusive steering wheel service offers you the perfect opportunity to transform the steering wheel of your beloved Nissan 350Z or 370Z into a modern design that takes your driving experience to a new level.


Our process is simple and straightforward.


Simply select the appropriate option in the shop:


Option 1 - Send us your original steering wheel (without deposit fees):


  1. Choose this option if you would like to send us your old steering wheel.
  2. Once we receive it, we will design it to your specifications.
  3. We will discuss the processing time with you in advance.
  4. We will then send your individually designed steering wheel back to you.


Option 2 - Choose the deposit fees for the original replacement steering wheel:


  1. Choose this option if you don't want to do without your vehicle.
  2. Your new steering wheel will be processed in 10-14 working days
  3. Once you have the replacement steering wheel, please send us your old steering wheel back.
  4. After receiving and checking your old steering wheel, we will automatically refund you the deposit fee of €150.



Our experienced team is ready to professionally design your desired steering wheel and ensure a unique and comfortable driving experience.

Use our local steering wheel service now and give your vehicle an individual touch!


We look forward to helping you!


Seam color
  • Material information

    • Bull leather thick leather 3mm
    • Perforated real leather
    • Brands Alcantara
    • Desired seam
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