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Underbody protection aluminum - Nissan 350Z

Underbody protection aluminum - Nissan 350Z


If your subfloor is slowly giving up or has already said goodbye, then we have the right product for you!



The service flap was deliberately removed during model maintenance. The background is stability, noise development when driving and ensuring the longevity of our products. Due to the elimination of the service flap, we can now accommodate you in terms of price.

You can also choose between raw aluminum or powder-coated in black fine structure.


Of course, we can also create a special color and process it immediately (3-4 working days).

From experience, we can recommend the powder-coated variant, as after a short time (weather) the subfloor becomes darker and stained!
Thanks to the powder coating, we also have sealed underbody protection that can withstand any weather!

Powder coating in black RAL 9005 fine structure with GSB (facade quality) approval.

  • 2.4kg
  • Greater stability
  • Greater clearance for oil pans/spacers
  • OEM front and Nismo V3
  • Free of registration

Made in Germany - Stuttgart

Suitable for all Nissan 350z models.

Installation is carried out using the existing OEM screws.

You are also welcome to purchase the assembly set, these are stainless steel screws - rustproof.


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    Shipping €7.99

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