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VA + RA bushing set (Strongflex) - Nissan 350z

VA + RA bushing set (Strongflex) - Nissan 350z


Description: Polyurethane bushing set for front and rear axle



  • 80ShA - Red
  • 90ShA - Yellow (SPORT/Racetrack)


Suitable for:

  • Nissan 350Z 03-09
  • Infiniti G35 05-07


The set includes:


  • 2x 281719A Front stabilizer bush SPORT
    • Remarks: Available diameters: 33mm. 
      • Other diameters also possible - please contact us
  • 2x 281720A Front axle lower wishbone inner bushing SPORT
  • 2x 281721A Front axle lower wishbone outer bushing SPORT
  • 2x 281722A Front axle tension struts/compression struts bushing SPORT
  • 4x 281723A Front axle upper wishbone bushing SPORT
  • 2x 281731A Rear anti-roll bar bushing SPORT
    • Remarks: Available diameters: 21mm. 
      • Other diameters also possible - please contact us
  • 2x 281724A Rear axle trailing arm front bushing SPORT
  • 2x 281725A Rear axle trailing arm rear bushing SPORT
  • 2x 281726A Rear axle lower front wishbone inner bushing SPORT
  • 2x 281727A Rear axle lower front wishbone outer bushing SPORT
  • 2x 281728A Rear axle lower rear wishbone inner bushing SPORT
  • 4x 281729A Rear axle lower rear wishbone outer bushing SPORT
  • 4x 281730A Rear axle upper wishbone bushing SPORT
  • 2x 281732A Rear axle carrier barrel bearing front bushing SPORT
  • 2x 281733A Rear axle carrier barrel bearing rear bushing SPORT
  • 2x 281734A Bushing front differential suspension SPORT
  • 1x 281735B Bushing rear differential suspension


Number in set: 39





Aid: lubricant


The colors Red and Yellow differ in terms of hardness!


The resistance to weather influences, oils, acids and solvents or very good resistance to dynamic loads is excellent in both cases!


RED - Hardness approx. 80 ShA* - everyday use - these products are characterized by a around approx. 20% higher hardness than original built-in rubber bearings.


We recommend the red products to all drivers who expect more precise and direct steering behavior in normal road traffic in everyday vehicles.


YELLOW - Hardness approx. 90 ShA* - race track - We recommend these products primarily in the motorsport sector.


A chassis equipped with these bushings is much stiffer, which plays an important role at higher speeds. The vehicle no longer reacts vaguely and can be controlled very precisely and predictably. This plays a particularly important role when drifting or cornering quickly.


Attention - exception: no red bearings in the program?


Some original rubber bushings are harder. In such cases we do not have an 80ShA (red) variant.

Such bearings would not function properly here and would worsen the steering behavior.

This is the reason why there are mixed versions in some kits.

Performance and function are the most important things for us.


You get a 2-year manufacturer’s warranty**.

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