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Powder plug cleaned - Nissan 350Z 370Z 300ZX

Powder plug cleaned - Nissan 350Z 370Z 300ZX


We have developed an alternative to the glass stopper thatPowder plug.

This is now made entirely of aluminum and is powder-coated in-house with a gloss black finish.


Compared to the glass stopper, thePowder plug from one component, which means that we have lower material costs (glass).


When installed, you can hardly see a big difference between the glass plug and the powder plug.




The rear wiper arm and the washer fluid nozzle on the Z models (300zx,350z,370z) have always been a visual flaw. The rear wiper arm is at the top of the to-do list for most Z drivers. Unfortunately the washer fluid nozzle still remained and caused the following problems:


  • The spray nozzle continues to run, which leads to water stains
  • Marten damage
  • Visual defect


The solution for the perfectionists among Z drivers has been available since 2018. The first self-developed glass plugs for the rear wiper nozzle (plug & play). The result is impressive.

More than 400 satisfied customers!


Scope of delivery:

  • Glass stopper
  • Stainless steel mounting material
  • Paper seal
  • assembly Instructions
  • Shipping box
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