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Shift bag - Shift Boot 350z / 370z

Shift bag - Shift Boot 350z / 370z


The old 350z shift bag is made of synthetic leather and the right side is a little longer in relation to reverse gear, so the seam does not run neatly in the middle. Most Z drivers don't really notice this because Nissan's seam was chosen to be dark.

A shift bag with a colored or matching seam to the rest of the interior design enhances the whole thing a lot.

We stenciled the original gearshift bag and mirrored the right side so that the seam runs neatly in the middle. The shift bag is delivered ready for installation with mounting holes.


    • Bull leather thick leather 3mm
    • Brands Alcantara
    • Wish seam
    • 100% fitting
    • Plug & Play
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