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Radiator Mishimoto - Nissan 350z

Radiator Mishimoto - Nissan 350z


Radiator Nissan 350Z


Mishimoto performance


This Mishimoto Nissan 350Z aluminum radiator is the ideal upgrade for your standard radiator. It is designed and developed to maximize cooling efficiency, improve engine functions and - most importantly - protect your vehicle from overheating. Whether you use your Nissan 350Z for daily driving or just drive it on the track, installing a radiator upgrade is essential if you want to reduce the risk of engine failure.
The Mishimoto water cooler features a lightweight dual-row mesh, 100% hot-brazed aluminum, and TIG welded end tanks. The performance of your engine is increased. This Mishimoto water cooler is a direct OEM replacement, making installation effortless with no cutting or modifications required. Also included in the scope of delivery is a 1.3 bar high pressure water cooler cap. This radiator cap increases the boiling point of the coolant, thereby creating a higher limit of acceptable temperatures, creating a safer and more efficient cooling system.
A magnetic Mishimoto drain plug is also included; this collects metal fragments that circulate in the cooling circuit and thus protects your engine. Whether you're looking for a reliable replacement radiator for your current standard or a radiator that's efficient enough to take a beating on the racetrack, the Mishimoto Nissan 350Z radiator is the ideal choice.

A notice: This product is for vehicles with manual transmission.For automatic vehicles, please purchase the Mishimoto radiator: (P/N: MMTC-U)


Nissan 350Z / 03-06

Technical data:
Total height: 754mm
Overall length: 533mm
Total width: 48mm
Net height: 715mm
Net length: 400mm
Net depth: 36mm
Net size: 400mm x 715mm
Rows: 2
Inlet: 1.4
Outlet: 1.4
Wall thickness: 2mm
Filler neck: 1.25
Thread size drain plug: (M16).06
Drain plug length: 0.047
DPI: 2576
Engine code:
- VQ35DE
Chassis number:
- Z33

Suitable for:
- 2003-2006 Nissan 350Z 3.5 liter FS6R31A
- Nissan 350Z Track 2006
- Nissan 350Z Enthusiast 2006
- Nissan 350Z Touring 2006
- Nissan 350Z Grand Touring 2006

Purchase includes:
- Mishimoto water cooler
- Mishimoto radiator cap
- Magnetic drain plug




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